Hauraki School, Stage 1 Construction Kick-Off

Hauraki School Stage 1 design documentation has been issued for construction, including a good quality, well-coordinated Revit LoD350 set of drawings. Stage 1 of the Masterplan is a two-storey, 10 classroom block creating additional teaching spaces at the school in conjunction with other ancillary buildings and facilities designed by Structus.

Structus has strong capability and expertise in BIM and particularly Revit software, which allows our draftspeople to model a structure in 3D, interpret the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from the building model’s database. Revit has many features including tools to coordinate with other consultant models, export and analyse a structure, clash detection exercises, plan and track stages in the building’s lifecycle from concept to construction and later asset management and facilities maintenance if needed.

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