Gasometer Carpark

Construction is complete at the new Gasometer carpark in Takapuna

Gasometer is a new multi storey public transit building, as part of The Takapuna Centre Plan, and construction works were completed in September.  Catering for current and future needs, with futureproofing built into the structural design, the project design in its setting has been carefully considered by the client and project team.  The Takapuna Centre Plan is set for further development and will be home to a high-quality blend of commercial, retail and residential spaces.

The building has a column free space with primary beams spanning 16m which were precambered to carry dead load deflections (we’re proud to advise the precambers ‘flattened’ to finished levels after the slabs were poured!).  Composite grout filled CHS columns achieve high strength and fire rating while being unobtrusive to the carpark layout.

The building has a complex architectural façade at its gable ends and uses its precast cladding panels to act as carpark barriers.  The building also features state of the art number plate recognition parking systems and a high specification ‘End of Transport’ facility.

Structus are thrilled to have provided structural engineering services for this fantastic building.


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