Eden View

The Structus team visited one of our projects last week for a site visit and some hard-earned time out of the office.  It is great to visit as a team to see the design and solutions, worked on tirelessly by our Engineers and Drafters, being built.

The Eden View project has seen construction completion of some challenging retaining, substructures and ground floor slabs, plus working around Covid-19 requirements.  Now there is a real buzz as the superstructure springs to life.

It is exciting to see two big tower cranes now on site (crane bases designed by Structus) and the steelwork erection proceeding at pace and even some of the brick embossed precast cladding panels starting to take shape.  The structure generally comprises precast double tee flooring on steel sway frames and steel concentrically braced frames (CBF’s), supported on concrete bored piles.

Great progress is being made with Ganellen running the site well and a smart project team involved.

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