Countdown Richmond

Construction is well underway in Richmond, Nelson for an exciting new green star Countdown supermarket. The supermarket building consists of 4,500m2 of Countdown Supermarket and 2 no. additional retail tenancies, drive through covered loading dock, standalone walkways and pickup canopies. Structus are providing full structural engineering design, sustainability design inputs, 3D Revit documentation and construction monitoring.

Revit Families – Rhea

Many organizations have made the choice to switch from 2D drafting like AutoCAD to 3D modeling like Revit. It is interesting to know that on many projects I have been involved Revit is a game changing building design and documentation software that allows you to leverage BIM across all phases and disciplines in the building life cycle. If the time is taken to implement and learn Revit, endless benefits individually and professionally can be enjoyed.  These benefits include the ability to create intelligent 3D building models that can be used across all disciplines in the building design process, plus a competitive edge by producing quality projects that really stand out in the crowd.

The major part of using Revit effectively is the Families that we use to create the components within the models, to meet the specific needs of the project. When I first started using Revit, I had a hard time understanding the term Revit Families. Now I realise how important Revit Families are, especially when creating a complex structure.

I recently attended the ANZRS Families Creation training course.  This training has enhanced my skills to build custom and more complex Revit Families.

Lan's 3D revit

Lan – Draftsperson

Time is flying so fast. Everything seems to happen yesterday, but actually I have been here for two years.  I came to Auckland in September 2017, and I joined Structus in November.  This is my first job in New Zealand, starting my new career as a structural drafter.

I am lucky because Structus is really a great team working together.  Doing the work, I have learned a lot from every team member.  I know that as long as I ask for help, I will always get more than what I want.

It is an exciting job as I have the opportunity to learn new structural design ideas which are quite different from what I could do as an engineer in China.  I have gained a lot knowledge about precast concrete, timber structures and member connection ideas.

It’s really interesting to learn to use Revit, and now I have confidence with my 2D skills in Revit. I understand that 3D model set-up is a big challenge, but it does not take long to overcome.  I’m thankful to my drafting colleagues for assisting me with developing my Revit skills.

My feelings of working at Structus. Four words:  Lucky, exciting, happy and thankful.Lan's 3D revit