Leticia Lum

Leticia has been with Structus since May 2016.  During her 4 years at Structus Letica has been involved in many projects. Some of her most memorable have been a shopping centre north of Auckland which involved many engineering and seismic challenges.   She has really enjoyed the engineering challenge of working on the Eden View Apartments project that is currently in construction, and which she has been involved with since early in the design phase.  Leticia is loving the different aspects of design and enjoying the challenge on this large multi-storey mixed use project.

At the end of 2019 Leticia became a Chartered member of Engineering New Zealand and Chartered Professional Engineer.  CPEng is only open to professional engineers, who must demonstrate an ability to deal with complex engineering problems and activities, and provide evidence of New Zealand-specific good practice.

Leticia is now a senior member of the Structus team. She has great rapport with clients and site staff and takes a keen interest in developing the skills of our intermediate engineers.

Eden View

The Structus team visited one of our projects last week for a site visit and some hard-earned time out of the office.  It is great to visit as a team to see the design and solutions, worked on tirelessly by our Engineers and Drafters, being built.

The Eden View project has seen construction completion of some challenging retaining, substructures and ground floor slabs, plus working around Covid-19 requirements.  Now there is a real buzz as the superstructure springs to life.

It is exciting to see two big tower cranes now on site (crane bases designed by Structus) and the steelwork erection proceeding at pace and even some of the brick embossed precast cladding panels starting to take shape.  The structure generally comprises precast double tee flooring on steel sway frames and steel concentrically braced frames (CBF’s), supported on concrete bored piles.

Great progress is being made with Ganellen running the site well and a smart project team involved.

Northland District Health Board, Whangarei Hospital

The NDHB Whangarei Theatre Expansion project is under Construction.

Situated in Whangarei Hospital, the new building is a 2 storey building, including new operating theatres, that is being built adjacent to the existing theatres.  It is testament to the great team that this project was able to progress while we are in varying levels of lockdown. Structus are providing full structural design and documentation of this project, as well as construction phase services.

Islands Units Development

The Island Units Development project is under Construction!
Situated in the Highbrook Estate, this architectural project consists of several warehouses comprising a total of 7 no. tenancies with a total floor area of 4,500sqm, and with 3 no. 2 storey offices and 5 no. single storey offices.
Structus are providing full structural design and documentation of this project, as well as construction phase services.


Structus – the meaning behind the name.

The word Structus originated in the 15th century and literally means “a fitting together, adjustment, building”.

This definition is behind our daily work and supports the vision for our team. Some of our values that fit within this definition are:
• Working together with our Clients, and being focused on understanding our Client’s requirements
• Seeking innovation in delivery, design and technologies
• Delivering industry best structural and civil engineering solutions, reliably and with integrity
• Seeking solutions and where needed these are adjusted to suit the requirements of others
• Building solid, long last relationships with our Clients
• Our internal team bond is equally important, with our staff ‘fitting together’ to be an effective team
• Together, building a strong and successful future for our Clients and our team

Round the Bays 2020

Round the Bays 2020

We had a great day on Sunday with several of the team competing in the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays run.

The annual event is New Zealand largest fun run with over 29,000 participants.  We had staff in the Runners and Joggers section competing in the 8.4km run.

Afterwards the team celebrated their success with an enjoyable picnic by the beach with partners and family also attending.


Hauraki School

Hauraki School

Progress is well underway at Hauraki School.

Stage 1 of the Masterplan is a two-storey, 10 classroom block creating additional teaching space at the school in conjunction with other ancillary buildings and facilities designed by Structus.  Using their drone C3 Construction got some great shots of the superstructure being erected.

Eden View Apartments

Construction is well underway at Eden View apartments in Mt Eden and progressing nicely.  The structure generally comprises precast double tee flooring on steel sway frames and steel concentrically braced frames (CBF’s), supported on concrete bored piles.  There is some significant tiered retaining to the rear of the site.

Site Visits

Over the last couple of weeks, some of the team have taken the opportunity to visit a couple of our sites that are well through Construction phase.  This is a great opportunity for some of our engineers and drafters to see the works in progress that members of the project team have been working on.

Not only are these visits a fun team activity out of the office but they are also a great learning experience for everyone not involved in the project on site.  Being out of the office and seeing the months of design transformed into structure is very rewarding and informative.

We visited an example of our Aged Care work (Aria Bay) and two commercial Warehouse and Office space projects (El Kobar and Underwood 2500).

Golf day with Ganellen

Craig and Leticia got to spend a fun afternoon at Eden Park playing Golf with the team from Ganellen.

Structus have been working with Ganellen at Eden View Apartments, located in Mt Eden, Auckland.  The development is two 5 storey residential apartment blocks over a common podium area, due for completion in 2020. Our service included full structural design, documentation and we are currently providing Construction monitoring.

The Powerade G9 sees Eden Park transformed into a nine-hole golf course and offers the rare opportunity to tee off from some of the highest stands in the Park as well as a bonus putt in the home team changing room.