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Structus Rocking Pallet Racking

The following video demonstrates the benefits of allowing pallet racking to “rock” under earthquake loading. Two models were created in SAP2000, one with a traditional fixed base and the other free to rock. A nonlinear Time History Analysis was undertaken on the frames in order to compare the response of the frames.


Comparison of Practical Testing with Software Output

Comparison of Practical Testing with Software Output

Structus has employed student interns in the past as part of our commitment to develop young engineers as high performing professionals. We used this opportunity to create physical structural models for testing in our office. The purpose of this testing was to compare the theoretical software modelling with actual structural performance, under various configurations and loading conditions. We used icepop sticks, glue and string to create various bridge structure models and tested these under load. The student first created theoretical bridge models with our software, and then the corresponding physical bridge models, under guidance from our senior engineers. The testing to destruction proved entertaining, informative and in most cases comparable to the theoretical modelling.

Structus Two Years Trading

A video celebrating our second year of trading as Structus Consulting

Structus Two Years Trading

This video highlights a small selection of the projects we’ve been working on. Watch video

Recently completed automated Racking system for DB Breweries

Structus has recently completed the design and construction observation of the new automated racking system for DB Breweries.

The installation consisted of two 30m long x 12m high fully automated racks supplied by Safer Storage Systems and installed by Pallet Racking Solutions.
Structus worked closely with Mecalux Spain and the automation engineers at Daifuku BCS to accommodate the strict performance requirements and tolerances required for the cranes.

Structus continues to deliver the structural engineering services on many multi storey racking projects every month complying with the New Zealand building regulations.