Gasometer Carpark – Construction Progress

We are proud to see the Gasometer Carpark in Takapuna progressing through the construction phase. Currently all the bored piles and most of the ground beams have been constructed, the tower crane and some precast shear walls have been erected.

Structus designed the carpark with Ignite Architects, Bluewater Project Management, NDY and T+T, for Panuku Development Auckland.
The carpark consists of 11 split levels, with an allowance for an additional 3 split levels. Long spanning composite steel beams and composite CHS columns provide the gravity structure. Reinforced concrete walls provide the lateral stability. Foundations consist of reinforced concrete beams spanning onto reinforced concrete piles down to rock.

The carpark is part of Panuku’s revitalisation of Takapuna’s town centre, which includes 420 carparks, electric car and bike charging stations, bike storage, motorbike parking, accessibility parking and changing rooms.

Structus in the Snow!

There’s no better way to embrace winter than with a trip to the snow! Structus staff enjoyed a fantastic getaway on the slopes of Mt. Ruapehu last weekend. Great company, heaps of fun and the most beautiful weather on Saturday – we could not have hoped for a better time away.


Post Tensioning

Structus has international experience when it comes to post tensioning (PT). The benefits of post tensioned floors slabs are:

– Thinner slabs and longer spans therefore large column free spaces can be achieved (200mm thick flat slabs up to 8m spans)
– Significant reduction steel reinforcement (up to 80% reduction)
– Reduction in shrinkage cracks due to the post tensioning proving constant compression on the concrete
– On-grade slabs on expansive soils

Structus recently attended a seminar hosted by Concrete NZ called Design & Construction of Post-Tensioned Buildings. We have also had discussions with contractors in the local market, in which the benefits of going to post tensioning could mean more buildings are going to be constructed with this method.

Give us a call if you’d like to consider post tensioning on your next project.

Structus Has Moved!

We are excited to announce that Structus has moved into a flash new office in Victoria Park Market. While we will miss the Kauri Timber Building, our new office is full of character and in a fantastic location. The new space also allows for Structus to continue our growth path. Visitors would be most welcome!

Structus Sailing

What a winter day out on the water! Last week Structus team celebrated “Structus day” and office move with a sailing cruise around the Hauraki Gulf. Weather conditions were simply perfect for sailing. A well deserved afternoon break after busy first half of the year.

Unitec Tranche 1 – Hub and CET Projects Win Awards

Structus is proud to have provided structural and civil engineering services for the iconic Hub project at Unitec’s Mt Albert campus. This project recently won gold at the New Zealand Commercial Project Awards and a merit award at the Property Council Awards. The Hub is a landmark project that represents a focal point for the campus. The design includes striking features, such as two levels of ‘floating’ mezzanines with steel collar joint sway frames, the columns extending up as ‘trees’ to support a stunning ply braced Glulam diagrid roof structure. Other features include 5m cantilevered ‘wing’ walls with complex steelwork to form the angular shapes, and coordination with the existing structure, including complex movement joints and extensive strengthening structures, as the new structure oversails and integrates with the existing structures. The Construction Engineering and Trades (CET) project, with Structus providing structural and civil engineering services, also won a merit award at the Property Council Awards. This project presented different challenges, largely around the significant retaining, infrastructure and ground works on a demanding site. The CET building recently featured on TVNZ’s ‘Design Junkies’ show.

Gold Winner – Master Builders New Zealand Commercial Project Awards (See link below)

Project Diego Completed

Stride Holdings Ltd has recently completed their latest industrial development Project Diego at 25 O’Rorke Rd, Penrose. Structus Consulting completed structural engineering design and construction observation for the new building. The development consists of a 9,000m2 high specification warehouse with three 2 storey high quality offices. The main structural engineering challenge on this project was the constricted site, which necessitated considerable underpinning to surrounding structures and clear advice from Structus on the associated construction methodology. Structus worked closely with Stride and the lead contractor, Macrennie, to help deliver a successful project.

Link to the project – 25 O’Rorke Road, Penrose


pallet racking

Structus Rocking Pallet Racking

The following video demonstrates the benefits of allowing pallet racking to “rock” under earthquake loading. Two models were created in SAP2000, one with a traditional fixed base and the other free to rock. A nonlinear Time History Analysis was undertaken on the frames in order to compare the response of the frames.


Comparison of Practical Testing with Software Output

Comparison of Practical Testing with Software Output

Structus has employed student interns in the past as part of our commitment to develop young engineers as high performing professionals. We used this opportunity to create physical structural models for testing in our office. The purpose of this testing was to compare the theoretical software modelling with actual structural performance, under various configurations and loading conditions. We used icepop sticks, glue and string to create various bridge structure models and tested these under load. The student first created theoretical bridge models with our software, and then the corresponding physical bridge models, under guidance from our senior engineers. The testing to destruction proved entertaining, informative and in most cases comparable to the theoretical modelling.

Structus Two Years Trading

A video celebrating our second year of trading as Structus Consulting

Structus Two Years Trading

This video highlights a small selection of the projects we’ve been working on. Watch video