Leticia Lum

Leticia has been with Structus since May 2016.  During her 4 years at Structus Letica has been involved in many projects. Some of her most memorable have been a shopping centre north of Auckland which involved many engineering and seismic challenges.   She has really enjoyed the engineering challenge of working on the Eden View Apartments project that is currently in construction, and which she has been involved with since early in the design phase.  Leticia is loving the different aspects of design and enjoying the challenge on this large multi-storey mixed use project.

At the end of 2019 Leticia became a Chartered member of Engineering New Zealand and Chartered Professional Engineer.  CPEng is only open to professional engineers, who must demonstrate an ability to deal with complex engineering problems and activities, and provide evidence of New Zealand-specific good practice.

Leticia is now a senior member of the Structus team. She has great rapport with clients and site staff and takes a keen interest in developing the skills of our intermediate engineers.

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